Our Extrusion Division has over a half a century of experience in providing custom and stock plastic extrusion products to an array of industries throughout the world. Our very experienced product development team has designed and manufactured products that are used in industries such as footwear, sporting goods, medical, luggage, automotive, furniture, toys, appliances and textiles. We produce many custom and stock profile extrusions in all shapes and sizes, cut to length or wound on spools. We can produce custom shapes, laces, tubings, bumpers and textile piping.

Our manufacturing capabilities lends itself to anything that can be produced in continuous lengths. We have the capabilities to produce almost any profile to meet your needs. From PVC and Polyolefins to Styrene and ABS, we can design and produce single to triple extrusions that meet stringent tolerances required by today’s quality standards. Our engineers will work closely with you to develop the right materials and tooling to meet your precise functional and aesthetic requirements. Click tabs to right for more info and specifics